Mobile updates

Hello Wikians! It's been exactly two months since we published our last Mobile update, where we introduced you to:

  • My Wikia: Our flagship app, which allows you to search for your favorite wikis, read interesting articles in an elegant and customizable format as well as bookmark and share articles with your friends.
  • Game Guides 2.0:  The ultimate app for quick and easy access to useful, detailed information about all of your favorite mobile and video game wikis.

Since then it's been an interesting two months and here I I'd like to share with you what we've been working on.

Game Guides

In the last two months we've had:

  • ~ 180,000 downloads (iPhone & Android)
  • ~ 8 Million page views
  • ~ 36,000 Sessions per day
  • An average (mean) session length of 3.5 minutes on iPhone and 7 minutes on Android devices
  • Where are people visiting from? Around the world!
Regions Sessions
North America 985,953
Europe 248,863
Asia 148,078
Oceania 64,687
South America 15,200
Middle East 10,839
Central America 9,382
Africa 2,362
Regions Sessions
North America 416,838
Europe 144,088
Asia 88,534
Oceania 21,485
South America 16,642
Middle East 7,851
Central America 5,182
Africa 3,438


What's new for our gaming wiki admins? We made an exciting change - access to customizing your wiki specifically for the Game Guides App. Visit Special:GameGuidesContent and you can now adjust how your wiki is presented in Game Guides.


We are now at version 2.1 and new features include:

  • Featured Videos carousel - One click on the main screen takes you to the video carousel, where you can find trailers for upcoming games and videos about everything interesting going on in the gaming world.
  • Light Mode - Now you can choose between a dark and light skin on your Game Guides article pages.
  • We also continue to release bug fixes and are very happy to announce that we started working on features to make the app more international-friendly such as a language filter for game guide searches.

My Wikia

Here's what's new in the 1.0.1 version of the My Wikia app:

  • Pocket Integration - We fixed Pocket integration, so you're able to save article pages to the Pocket app.
  • General bug fixes

Last but not least, we're very excited to announce that an Android version of the app will be released later this year.

Stay tuned for more updates and thanks for reading!